We’re all pursuing something.
Discover how to pursue success that matters.

7 Lessons

  • From a young age Jordan and Kristen have both been on the journey to discover and live a life of significance. Through their years of research and personal trial and error they peel back the curtain to teach the lessons they have learned on their journey to help you practically pursue and unlock significance in your life on a daily basis.

Reflection Questions

  • After each lesson you’re provided with thought provoking questions to help you take what you have learned logically (in your head) and translate it into feeling and personal meaning (the language of your heart).    

Take Action

  • Weekly action items to put what you have learned into practical application.  Learning and motivation are useless without action

Digital Course Guide

  • Central to your course experience is the downloadable course guide. Crafted to help you interact with the lessons and apply what you learn to your life.