“I’ve known Jordan for many years. More than ten years ago, he flew across the country and was the youngest person at my High Performance Summit. I knew he was special because of his hunger to grow. I’ve watched him excel as a leader, a speaker, and a hus- band. His motivation has always remained the same—work on himself so that he can better improve the lives of others.”


Success mentor to CEOs, best-selling author, and founding publisher of Success Magazine

“Jordan’s story inspires you to pay more attention to your character than to your success. He and I both agree that lasting happiness, fulfillment, and significance can only be reached when we add value to others.”


CEO, The John Maxwell Company


“Simple, direct, and from the heart—this book will provide you with a road map to your own greater success, happiness, and fulfillment.”


Best-selling author, Better Than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love


“Jordan’s passion is infectious. Red Key Revolution is one of those books you wish you had read years ago. It will challenge your definition of introspection, result in new perspective shifts, and inspire new beliefs and habits for real life change—all in a fun and entertaining format. It’s the kind of book you first buy for yourself and then end up buying ten more for others.”


Author, international speaker, TV personality, and serial entrepreneur


“Jordan is a role model for the future. His new book is laser accurate and unlocks the door to authentic, enduring success by showing us that in a "selfie" society, servant leadership is the gold medal standard."


Author of The Psychology of Winning


“In Red Key Revolution, Jordan will give you the road map for constant learning, improvement, and reinvention of yourself every day to make sure your life is rich with significance.”


The RESULTS Guy™, author, and coach to the world’s top CEOs


"Life is so short. Jordan’s book will have you on the edge of your seat, motivated to make the most of every moment, starting now.”


Founder of FrontRowFoundation.org and author of The Front Row Factor 


Red Key Revolution will show you how to take those extra steps beyond success. Significance is about the lives we can touch and the legacy we can leave.”


Former WWE Wrestler, actor, and Vice President, One Life America


"Jordan’s genuine passion and gift for inspiring people is captured in Red Key Revolution. It will help you evaluate your goals, discover what actually matters to you, and ultimately help you live your best life. As an athlete, I am constantly trying to improve my mental game. This book has helped shed light on what success really means and how I can systematically improve my approach to achieving it.”


Three-time Olympic Medalist and World Champion, Women's Hockey


"Jordan brings to light real issues we all face in life's journey. His transparency about his real struggle to live a life of significance will inspire many."


Lead Pastor, Grace Family Church


Red Key Revolution is a story of learning how to overcome serving yourself and start dedicating your life to helping others. Jordan's ability to walk-the-walk, and share his experience on how to reach beyond yourself to serve others is explored in his book through his personal journey and life lessons learned. This book’s lessons and stories—his and others—create a pathway to a more selfless, compassionate, and noble life.”


CEO of Port Tampa Bay, Presidential appointee to the Federal Maritime Commission

When it comes to living a life of success, Jordan is someone many people look up to. What sets his message apart is that his key to success is not wrapped up in wealth or power, but in service and significance. It’s a much needed reminder that life is not about what we’re living for—but who we’re living for. If you are looking to live a life of significance, this book is for you!”


Author of Choosing Marriage, and creator of TrueLoveDates.com


“One of the many things serving in Special Operations taught me is when you want to acquire a specific skillset, it’s important that you learn from the best teachers in that field. I’ve known Jordan for five years, and he is one of the best communicators, leaders, friends, and dealmakers that I’ve encountered. Simply put, he’s the best. So for those seeking to learn how to consistently make the best decisions in life, look no further; Red Key Revolution is where you’ll find your answers—and lessons that will be with you for the rest of your life.”


Former Navy SEAL, actor and author

Red Key Revolution: A movement built on the simple yet revolutionary truth that we are the sum of all our choices. Counter-cultural? Absolutely. Wise? Beyond measure. Instructive? Every step of the way! Dare to read these pages—be part of this powerful movement. Not only will it change your life but the countless lives you have yet to touch!”


Author, speaker, business success coach


“This amazing little book is a treasure and secret shortcut to personal and professional growth.”


NBC Daytime’s National Etiquette Correspondent

“I love this book. Jordan Kemper is a powerful and imaginative storyteller, and every story has a lesson that will inspire you to become a more confident and powerful person. Jordan‘s distinction for living a life of love and growth shows in the tens of thousands of lives that he has changed by his words, his heart, and his example. If you ever get a chance to hear him live, make it happen. You will be forever changed.”


Author of Mach 2, The Art of Vision and Self-Motivation and The Four Year Career


"Red Key Revolution is a refreshing read in a world obsessed with material success, rather than lasting significance. Jordan Kemper doesn't pull punches, and shoots straight on what it takes to achieve real significance. If you want a life that truly matters, then I challenge you to read this book and apply the principles to your life. It just may be the "key" you that unlocks your significance.”


NFL veteran, sports broadcaster, and entrepreneur


Red Key Revolution eloquently lays out what really matters for meaningful significance a lasting legacy. In the "instant" world we live in, where the focus is on the immediate, Jordan disrupts that paradigm into the long game perspective and the lasting impact that all of us should pay vastly more attention to. Thanks Jordan for your inspiration to me!”


Founder, Physicians Immediate Care

“In today's immediate gratification culture, it's truly rare to hear of a story like Jordan Kemper's. His book highlights how intentional, others-focused decisions really can be like making cuts to shape your very own key of life; to open or close doors to your future. You won't take lightly the opportunity to make principled decisions again. Read this book for yourself; give this book to your teenagers!”


Anesthesiologist and author

"Jordan Kemper's Red Key Revolution is a unique and creative way to help forge your own path in life and give you the motivation needed to be successful in all areas of your life...physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.”


Best Selling Author and Founder of Fit2Fat2Fit


"Red Key Revolution is a powerful guide for all of us. We’re all at that adventurous intersection between who we are, who we were, and who we want to become. If winning the transition from our current level to our next level is the goal, then Jordan’s generous stories and lessons learned invite us to experiment with his high-leverage, integral approaches to long-term growth. Pursuing success in multiple dimensions is a beautiful thing. So is being able see so clearly now through the lens of the Red Key Revolution.”


Innovation, leadership & business transformation professional


“Jordan is one of the most authentic, dynamic leaders, with the unique ability to live what he teaches, as well as the ability to break it all down into simple steps to help you create a better life. I read over fifty books a year, and this is already one of my favorites. Jordan doesn't just give incredible ideas but he also gives you real-life experiences that make you want to improve your life NOW. Don't just buy this book. Don't just read this book. Study it, apply it in your life, and unlock many of the keys to creating the life you have always wanted.”


Public speaker and author of The Game of Networking


Red Key Revolution is a transparent, real journey that illuminates how significance is a lifetime of key thoughts, decisions, and actions. Applying the cuts (principles) in this book will give you the key to unlocking your lifetime impact.”


Senior Executive Pastor, Grace Family Church


“For me, the similarities we shared along the course of our careers were priceless. From declining professional school, in my case dentistry, to getting "dumped" with no notice. Only in my case, I moved 2,000 miles across the country, changed universities, only to get a "I think we should see other people" at the end of the evening. I never talked to her again either! I made a vow, after my fifth cancer recurrence, that the last half of my life would be more about others, than about me. God knows, that was not the case during the first half. Reading Red Key Revolution helped reinvigorate me towards that goal. Whether you have most of your career ahead of you, or more behind you, it's a GREAT read! There is a lot I wish I had done differently when I was younger. Holding a red key was one of them. We can't change the past, but we can help mold a different generation in our kids. My twins hold a red key (maybe not the actual key) today, and for that I am proud.”


Partner, Spectra Healthcare Management, LLC


“Goals and dreams, the desires of your heart, how to live with purpose. The successful pursuit of these requires discipline and a playbook. Red Key Revolution is required reading for a young person who’s journey is just beginning, or a refreshing refocus for those at any point along the way.”


General Manager, Reeves Import Motorcars


"It’s a rarity in today’s world to encounter a soul who shares their heart with such transparency and authenticity. I praise my friend Jordan Kemper for his courage to share this real and honest account of his very own “Red Key Revolution.” I see God using Jordan in such a transformational and impactful way. He epitomizes one who understands the profound journey from success to significance. This message is both timely and necessary, and I can’t think of anyone better suited to deliver this.

I am inspired by his work, and this will no doubt be a blueprint for any individual who has the courage and deep desire to call forth their own greatness.”




“Every now and then a book comes along that’s more than just a book. It’s an experience, a life changer, a catalyst for becoming exactly who God created you to be. It leaves you better than you were before you read it, and it literally inspires a revolution in your soul. Red Key Revolution is that book for my wife Jen and me. Thank you, Jordan Kemper, for showing the world exactly who you are. Kristen, your epilogue, simply put, is amazing. There’s never been a better, more heartfelt icing on such a life-changing cake.”


Husband, father, entrepreneur


“It’s been a great fortune to have had my life enriched for years by Jordan’s friendship and wisdom. I’ve encountered very few people with the character and discipline that Jordan brings to his life and his commitments in all areas of life. I only wish I had met Jordan sooner and had a book like Red Key Revolution to assist me in becoming the best version of myself, for others. We just welcomed our first son into the world this year, and I’m inspired by mentors like Jordan who are setting examples for the next generation to proudly follow proudly. You will be changed by reading this book and allowing Jordan to speak into your future.”


Entrepreneur and author of 25 to Life

Red Key Revolution is an inspiring personal development must-have for anyone looking to change their situation and accept accountability. A great tool to learn to move forward in life whether you are stuck and unable to move forward or if you are in pursuit of a dream or goal. Kemper starts the book sharing of a decision he made as a teenager on behalf of his future wife to remain pure before marriage and it all started with a red door key. The book outlines how to intentionally pursue significance and success in a way that can ultimately leave a legacy and outlive you when you’re gone. He offers insights on balancing your thinking in order to stay focused as well as making decisions based on a firm foundation. This book is full of godly wisdom and practical advice in relation to how our human behavior is a product of our own belief and how we must be willing to accept responsibility for own actions and take ownership of our failures. This book would be impactful for both goal driven teens and all adults.”




"You are designed by God for greatness and a purpose. Red Key Revolution reveals how to unlock the greatness within you and to live a life of significance."


"The OolaGuys," best-selling authors, and co-founders of OolaLife.com


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