Success is adding value to yourself.
Significance is adding value to others.

What is significance? Why is success never enough? How can I experience authentic happiness (aka JOY) in my life?

This course was designed to help you answer these questions for yourself, not give you a formula or cookie cutter answers. You don’t find significance, it finds you. Through their unique head-heart-hands method, Jordan and Kristen take you on a deep dive in to seven powerful “RE” lessons designed to teach you what significance looks like, why it’s so important, and how you live it out.

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What is Significance? Your head is what transforms what you see, experience and learn into logic that you can apply to your daily life.


Why it Matters? Your heart goes deeper. It takes what you see, experience and learn, and translates it into meaning. It makes you feel.



How do you live it out? Hands are where the action lives. They grab hold or let go and produce tangible follow-through.

Together, your head and your heart compose an eighteen-inch continuum that guides your reasonings, your beliefs and the subsequent paths you commit to. Decision-making is useless without action. When all three - head, heart, and hands come together, you can unlock the life you really want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a certain device to access this course?

No, it's available for any desktop, laptop, or handheld device connected to the internet.

Do I need to have the Red Key Revolution book to take this course?

No, but it is recommended for optimal experience.

Is this course available to international users?

Yes! This is an online course, available worldwide.

How long does the full course take to complete?

You can complete at your leisure. We recommend doing 1 lesson a week. Set aside 25 minutes to watch the lesson and take time to focus on the reflective questions.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course.

Do you offer group licensing for the course?

Yes! Please email and someone will reply promptly. 


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